Fish Coloring Pages

And everything else "Under the Sea".

Fish coloring pages work great on their own or as part of an "Under the Sea" theme.

While children are aware that fish live in water, they may not be as aware of the other inhabitants of the ocean. Many young children have never heard of an eel or a swordfish. Many have no idea what a shrimp looks like. Coloring pages offer a fun way to look at something new.

Choose a fish to color or choose a dolphin, crab, octopus, starfish, seahorse, seashells and more...

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Start with a simple coloring page that includes many ocean critters...

under the sea coloring page

There are many kinds of fish. Choose your favorite and print!

fish coloring page
fish coloring page
fish coloring page
fish coloring page
fish coloring page
goldfish coloring page
fish coloring page

Dolphins are always a favorite for kids. And for many adults too.

dolphin coloring page
dolphin coloring page
dolphin coloring page

While learning abut the ocean, don't forget about the starfish and shells that wash up on the beach.

starfish coloring page
seashells coloring page
seashells coloring page

How about a crab?

crab coloring page
crab coloring page

A seahorse, shrimp, or swordfish?

seahorse coloring page
shrimp coloring page
swordfish coloring page

An eel or octopus?

eel coloring page
octopus coloring page

Kids love learning about all the animals that live in the water. Coloring time is the perfect time to show that there is more in the water than just fish.

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