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Graph Art Made Easy!

For some fun kids activity pages, try graph art! Typically graph art involves coordinates which are far too complicated for young children.

graph art pictures

The following graph art pages make it easier for preschoolers. As easy as... color-by-number! Each grid is a simple page of squares. The directions are easy. If there is a number in the square, the square will be colored according to the color key at the top of the page. If there is no number, the square is left blank.

What makes it even more fun for kids is that unlike regular coloring pages, where you see the picture before you start to color, with graph art you see the picture as it's forming. There is no indication on the graph to show what the picture will be. It makes it more of a "magic" picture, especially with preschoolers. Kids in grade school, however, will also enjoy these activity pages.

Some of the graph art pages are perfect for holiday activities, others work well for any day of the week!

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Train Graph Art

train graph art
train color by number grid

Duck Graph Art

graph art duck
duck color by number grid

Heart Graph Art

graph art heart
heart color by number grid

Sailboat Graph Art

graph art sailboat
sailboat color by number grid

Tractor Graph Art

graph art tractor
tractor color by number grid

Lion Graph Art

graph art lion
lion color by number grid

Pumpkin Graph Art

graph art pumpkin
pumpkin color by number grid

Butterfly Graph Art

graph art buterfly
butterfly color by number grid

Christmas Tree Graph Art

graph art christmas tree
christmas tree grid

Bunny Graph Art

graph art bunny
bunny color by number grid

Enjoy all the graph art pictures. Should you have a group of children, give each child a different picture. It's every bit as much fun for them to see what other kids are making.

And, be prepared... many children will want to do more than one.

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