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Preschool coloring pages work great to help teach children the colors. This set includes one page for each color (only one crayon needed per page!).

On each page are assorted items that kids will recognize that are typically a particular color. Should you come across an item the children do not know, take the time to explain the object to them.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

This set also comes with a cover to create a coloring book. Simply print all the pages and staple on the left side.

I recommend coloring the pages as the colors are learned. When the children have learned all the colors, add the cover for their "Book of Colors". The finished book creates a great way to review and reinforce what they have learned.

cover for book of colors

While the children are coloring the preschool printables below, have them name the color and the item. The bus is yellow, the rose is red, etc.

Ask if they can think of anything else that is the same color. You'll get a variety of answers. Accept an answer as correct, if it "may" be true. Basketballs may be orange, but pants may come in several colors.

learning yellow coloring page
learning red coloring page

learning orange coloring page
learning green coloring page

learning brown coloring page
learning black coloring page
learning purple coloring page
learning blue coloring page

The more you can immerse a child in a color, the easier they will learn. Use the printable coloring pages, but have children find a particular color as much as they can in their own environment also. Look around the rooms of your home, and odds are, you'll see several items of various colors.

Start by teaching the primary colors first. (Red, Blue, Yellow) Dedicate a full week to teaching one color. Find as many ways as you can to highlight the color of the week. Beyond using preschool coloring pages, ... wear clothing in that color, eat foods of that color, look at books and magazines for pictures of the color, etc. 

Realize also that while some children will initially have trouble remembering the names of colors, most will be able to point to something of the correct color if asked.

More ways to have fun learning colors:

Color-By-Number Coloring Pages - Kid friendly pictures for children's coloring fun.

Color Wall Cards - Cards for each color. Shows both the color name and several items for the color. Place the cards in a prominent place as a visual aid.

Color Worksheets - assorted activity pages for learning colors and color name recognition.

Color Flip Book - An easy to make flip-book for learning colors. All you need is a mini-photo album and the free printables.

Graph Art - A fun way to color-by-number. Preschoolers see graph art as "magic" pictures. Watch the picture form as you color!

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