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All About the Alphabet

Use free preschool printables to teach the alphabet. Some of the printables in this section are perfect for introducing alphabet letters.  Others work well as reinforcement for letters already learned.

However you use them, children are sure to appreciate the child-friendly pictures. After all, you want learning to be fun for your child. Keep the lessons short and don’t push if your preschooler is uninterested on a particular day. Start again the following day. Realize that a few short lessons over the course of a day are better than one long one. Preschooler attention spans are typically short.

NOTE: All of the printables are intended for personal non-commercial use only. Any questions, please see Terms of Use. Daycare providers, teachers and parents are welcome to print in quantity as needed. Simply click on the activity sheet of your choice to open the file in PDF format. You’ll need to have Adobe installed on your computer to see and print the files. If you don’t have it, you can get it free at      


Fun alphabet worksheets perfect for lowercase letter review.

Each worksheet has kids write the letter several times, identify the letter and has pictures to reinforce the sound each letter makes.

Do one, a few or over time... all of them. Create a book with brass fasteners and complete the worksheets as the letters are learned.


Make an easy ABC flip-book. Start with a low-cost mini photo album. Easy directions and printable cut-outs will give you a great alphabet flip-book for preschoolers in minutes.

The flip-book is colorful with kid-friendly pictures. It’s also the perfect size for little hands with pages they can easily turn. Great for introducing new letters or reinforcing letters already learned.


Looking for simple alphabet coloring pages? Each coloring sheet has a letter of the alphabet and an object that begins with the same letter.

The coloring pages are great for younger preschoolers because the letters are large with lots of coloring space.

Most of the objects should be easily recognizable by young children.


Alphabet flashcards are an inexpensive way to introduce or reinforce learning the letters and their sounds.

Choose one of three sizes... A through Z foods, animals or objects most children will recognize. OR... print them all!


This series of coloring pages has several pictures on each page. All the pictures on each page start with the same letter.

Have the children name the pictures out loud to reinforce the sound each letter makes.

See if they can name other items that start with the letter that are not on the page!


letter recognition bingo games

Multiple bingo game boards for learning to recognize both capital letters and lowercase letters. Also, a blank bingo board for creating your own game!


This set of preschool worksheets provides extra practice when children are learning to write letters. The worksheets focus on the capital letters.

Repetition is necessary for correct letter formation. The more practice, the better.

The children will be able to trace each letter several times and color pictures that begin with the same letter.


tracing lowercase letters worksheet

These worksheets will help your preschooler practice forming the lowercase letters by tracing the letter several times. It is hard to see the letters in the box in the small image, but they will print out fine.

After tracing the letter several times, there is space to practice writing the letter independently.


These worksheets give your preschoolers practice in writing both the capital and lowercase versions of each letter, reinforcing the connection between the two different ways to write one letter.


This page has several types of alphabet worksheets to help children build a variety of skills.

There is a tracing sheet for the entire alphabet, two sets of worksheets for matching the letter to its sound, a “fill in the missing letters” worksheet and more...

Lots of practice for learning letters and their sounds.


A variety of rhyming worksheets.

Match two rhyming pictures by drawing a line or circling pictures, make rhyming cards, do a cut and paste activity with rhyming words and more...

To make it easier for the kids, have them say the names of the pictures out loud.


Mazes are a great way to reinforce letter recognition. Some of the mazes focus on one specific letter.

Simply use crayons or markers to color the boxes containing the upper or lowercase letter.This will create a path to solve the maze.

Other mazes require the children to color the boxes from A to Z.


Alphabet word-finds!

Find words that begin with a specific letter. A page for every letter with the exception of X, since there are so few words beginning with that letter.

Encourage the kids to pronounce the words out loud, and cross off the words as they are found.


Simple worksheets for the letters and their sounds.

All letters, except x, are included. Just draw a line from the letter in the center of the page to each of the pictures that begins with the same letter.

Encourage children to name the pictures out loud. Hearing the sound will help children to retain what they have learned.

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