Letter Recognition Games


One of the letter recognition games that preschoolers love the most is BINGO!

Choose capital letter bingo or lowercase letter bingo. There are several different boards for each style, so you can play with several children at once, or have a single student play with a different board each time.

Bingo Rules for Preschoolers

The rules for playing bingo with preschoolers are simple:

  • Cover the FREE space in the center before you begin.
  • The teacher draws a card from a bowl or a shuffled pile of cards, and reads it out loud.
  • The players find that space on their board and cover it.
  • The first one to fill a whole row, column, or corner-to-corner diagonal yells BINGO!
  • The winner uncovers and reads back the squares in the BINGO row to check.

Capital Letter Bingo

Capital Letter Bingo Board for Preschoolers
Capital letter bingo game board for preschoolers
Preschool bingo game with capital letters
Preschool bingo games for letter recognition. Capital letter bingo.

Draw Cards for both Capital and Lowercase Bingo

Print off this sheet of cards on cardstock, cut apart and use for the teacher. Place in a bowl or simply mix them up and draw cards one at a time from the pile.  Use the blank squares as necessary for replacements.

These cards can be used for both capital and lowercase games.

Lowercase Letter Bingo

lowercase letter bingo game board
lowercase letter bingo game board
lowercase letter bingo game
printable preschool bingo games

Make Your Own

Use this blank bingo board to create your own game, specifically tailored to your student's needs.

blank bingo game board

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