Free Kids Printables

Printables for Learning Colors

Free kids printables provide many ways to help teach colors. In order for children to be successful, repetition is the key. Show them colors in a variety of ways.

Start with one color only. Have a color day. Wear the color, eat foods that are a particular color and go on a color search in your environment.

Once children have learned a color or two, use the preschool printables below to expand on what they have learned.

NOTE: All of the printables are intended for personal non-commercial use only. Any questions, please see Terms of Use. Daycare providers, teachers and parents are welcome to print in quantity as needed. Simply click on the activity sheet of your choice to open the file in PDF format. You’ll need to have Adobe installed on your computer to see and print the files. If you don’t have it, you can get it free at      

Printable Wall Cards

Color Wall Cards

Preschool printable wall cards make a great visual aid when you are teaching colors.

Each bright wall card features one color and several items of the same color. This makes it easier for children to understand the different hues of each color.

The color wall cards can be used to introduce new colors or as a reinforcement to colors already learned.

Color Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

A separate coloring page for each color. Each page features several items that are typically a certain color.

Children will only need one crayon of the correct color to complete each coloring page.

Also included is a coloring book cover so you can create your own "Book of Colors".

Color by Number Coloring Pages

color by number coloring pages

Once children have a basic understanding of colors, it's time to introduce color by number coloring pages.

Children everywhere enjoy this type of coloring well into grade school.

There are several printables to choose from. Some are easier than others and some can be used as part of a theme.

Color Flip-Book

color flip book

A flip-book is incredibly easy to make with a mini photo album and simple cut-out printables.

Each printable page of this easy to make book features a different color. Children will not only see the color, but will also see the spelling of the color and several items of the same color.

Best of all, it's the perfect size for a preschooler with pages they will have no trouble "flipping".

Color Worksheets

worksheets for learning colors

Assorted free kids printables to help teach colors and the recognition of color names.

Color matching worksheets, color counting, "color challenge" printable, color word-find, "Little Learners" booklet to create about the colors of fruit and more..

Also included are a couple of tips to make teaching colors easier. Simple ideas to help kids retain what they learn and understand the sometimes difficult concept of colors.

Graph Art Fun

graph art printables

This is graph art made simple! These are actually color-by-number pages. What makes it fun for the kids is that, unlike regular coloring pages where you see the picture before you start coloring, with graph art you see the picture as it's forming.

Several pictures to choose from. Train, tractor, lion, bunny, butterfly, pumpkin and more...

Color Activities

color activities

Assorted printable activities to help with learning colors and the spelling of their names.

Match game, matching worksheets, color bingo, worksheets for specific colors, some color-by-color coloring pages, a colors cut-and-paste activity and more...

Color Matching Game

color matching game

A color matching game simple enough for toddlers. One game board and nine pictures for each color.

Simply match the pictures to the board of the same color.

Includes red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black and brown.

Once colors have been learned, flip some of the picture cards picture-side- down to create a color match game.

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