Number Worksheets

Fun with Counting

Number worksheets should be used after children understand the concept of counting. The worksheets themselves build upon what has already been learned and becomes simply another tool that can be used to help increase retention.

The worksheets below will help children with number recognition and writing numbers. Prior to kindergarten, children should be able to count to ten and recognize the numbers 1-10.

For simple ideas on how to encourage children to count... scroll down to the bottom of the page...

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Simple counting worksheets... count the number of each object and write the number in the box at the bottom of the page.

counting toys worksheet
counting bugs worksheet
counting cupcakes worksheet
counting dogs worksheet

There are several worksheets that are also cut-and-paste activities. Cut out the numbers at the bottom of each page. Count the objects and paste the number in the correct box.

All of the math worksheets have child-friendly pictures.

counting 1-4 worksheet
counting 5-8 worksheet
counting 9-12 worksheet

Try themed preschool worksheets. Choose vehicles, treats, school supplies, ladybugs or birds. These preschool printables are also cut-and-paste.

counting vehicles worksheet
candy counting worksheet
back to school counting worksheet

Here's a simple animal counting page. Count the animals in each row and write the correct number in the box at the end of the row.

ladybug counting worksheet
bird counting page
counting animals worksheet

More number worksheets... count the number of each object and place the correct number in the boxes at the bottom of the page. Finished counting? Time to color!

counting animals worksheet
counting foods worksheet
counting toys worksheet
counting vehicles worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers!

missing number counting worksheet
missing number counting worksheet

The following series of preschool math worksheets concentrates on one number at a time. The children will have an opportunity to trace the number as well as write the number on their own. There are also spaces to circle and color the correct number of objects.

tracing number 1 worksheet
trace number 2 worksheet
trace number 3 worksheet

...and a complete set from 1-10

tracing number 1
tracing number 2
tracing number 3
tracing number 4
tracing number 5
tracing number 6
tracing number 7
tracing number 8
tracing number 9
tracing number 10

Try an Apple number matching game. Cut out the cards of apples containing the spelling of each number. Paste each card next to the apple with the correct number.

number matching 1-5 worksheet
number matching worksheet 6-10
number match game

Fun ways to teach counting:

  • Point out numbers every chance you get. When you are out-and-about and around the house. On street signs, house numbers, in books and magazines, on calendars or anywhere else you happen to spot them.
  • A toy telephone or simple calculator will help children recognize the numbers 1-9.
  • Look online for print-outs of traceable numbers.
  • Look for opportunities to count. Count toys, books on shelves, steps going up or down, etc.
  • Play easy games that involve number recognition and counting.
  • Buy, and use, inexpensive number flashcards (almost every thrift store has them!)
  • Don't forget about your home computer. There are many online games geared to preschoolers that are perfect for learning to count.
  • Remember that repetition is key. The more a child is exposed to the same concept, the better their retention will be.

More Number Activities:

Free Addition Worksheets – An assortment of addition sheets to provide practice to help retain math skills.

Free Subtraction Worksheets – Made for preschoolers to help them understand the concept. Cross out objects and count to subtract!

Number Coloring Pages – Numbers zero through ten. Each page features a large number with the features of people. Fun for preschoolers.

Preschool Wall Cards – Number cards with a “bug” theme. Numbers one through ten. Each card features a different bug. Many are easily identifiable by children.

Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pages - Combine basic counting skills with coloring fun. Connect 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 dots to finish the picture.

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