Free Addition Worksheets

Free addition worksheets are fun for kids who can correctly identify numbers and are also able to write them. The concept of addition should first be practiced elsewhere.

The easiest way to introduce the concept is with your own fingers. Hold up one finger on one hand and one finger on the other hand. How many fingers are you holding up? Two. Children as young as two can understand counting in this manner.  

The first series shows the math problem and the same number of objects. This gives children a visual aid to learning. This helps children to understand that smaller numbers combine to make larger numbers. Bright colors will also help keep children engaged while they are learning.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

basic addition worksheet
preschool addition problems
preschool math addition

Try using a number line to solve math problems. Place your finger on the first number in the problem... then count up to solve the problem.

number line math worksheet
addition number line worksheet
addition number line practice page

Once children have successfully learned to add, try the following free addition worksheets to reinforce what is learned. Most combinations of the numbers one through ten are covered.

Preschool addition worksheets are a great way for kids to practice their math skills. 

simple addition plus 1 worksheet
simple addition plus 2 worksheet
simple addition plus 3 worksheet

When they are ready, you can turn practice into a game by having your student race against the stopwatch, to see how many problems they can complete in one minute, or simply beat their own time from yesterday! They will never know this is building their memorization of math facts and automatic recall!

Put these worksheets into clear page protectors and give your student a dry or wet-erase marker to make these practice pages reuseable.

preschool addition worksheet
basic addition problems

Here's a few word problems. Read the words for your child (or let early readers read on their own) and let them count using the picture prompts.

preschool story problems
preschool math story problems
simple word problems

Once you know that children understand the concept of addition and are able to complete worksheets, continue to find ways for them to practice. Ask general questions during the course of the day. Examples? "I have six cookies on this plate, if I add two more... how many cookies will I have?", "You have four clean shirts in your drawer, if I add three more... how many will you have?" Give children the opportunity to solve problems without the use of pencil and paper.

Once a child fully understands the concept and can write numbers, worksheets will help build on what has been learned. Worksheets are not, in and of themselves, an entire math program. They can provide needed practice and reinforcement of learned skills. They can also be used as a testing tool for a child's retention.

Addition worksheets will give your child necessary practice time. It takes time to learn a new skill and addition is no exception.

Parents can use the addition worksheets to reinforce addition concepts, keep skills sharp over breaks, and improve speed and accuracy. Teachers can provide additional practice or reinforcement for their students.

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