Preschool Wall Cards

Bug Theme for Counting

Preschool wall cards provide a great way to decorate a playroom or preschool classroom. Why have blank uninspired space when you can fill the space with a learning tool to help promote number recognition?

Children develop skills and competencies through a predictable pattern of milestones. All children, however, do not develop them at the same time or in the same way. Children need a variety of educational experiences to reach their full potential. There are many ways for children to explore and learn about numbers in their daily environment. Wall cards provide a constant visual aid that children are able to use as reinforcement.

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The following wall cards will interest children due to the bug theme. Ever seen a group of children outdoors when one of them has found a bug? All the other children scamper over to inspect it. Children are naturally fascinated by bugs. The "bug theme" wall cards include a variety of bugs that most children will know by name.

1 bug counting card
2 bugs counting card

3 bugs counting card
4 bugs counting card

5 bugs counting card
6 bugs counting card

7 bugs counting card
8 bugs counting card

9 bugs counting card
10 bugs counting card

Place the cards at "kid level". Meaning, about three feet from the ground. This gives children the opportunity to see the cards close up. At this level, children tend to wander over, touch the cards and count. No formal lessons are necessary. If children have been previously exposed to numbers, wall cards help to retain what they have learned.

Beyond using the preschool wall cards, you'll find many opportunities to count with children. The more you are able to make learning fun, the easier it is for children to learn.

Count toy cars in a row, how many times a child can "jump up high", play simple board games that involve counting, count fingers and toes, count the number of chairs in your home...   There are so many ways to practice counting. The wall cards will not only reinforce counting but will help with number recognition, which is the first step to all things mathematical.

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