Free Subtraction Worksheets

Free subtraction worksheets are a fun way to introduce subtraction basics. Realize however, that children of this age will work more on learning the numbers and adding. Subtraction is a tougher concept.

Preschoolers are able to understand subtraction only in the most basic way. It is easier to show them with everyday objects. For example, If I have three blocks and I "take away" one block, how many blocks are left? Or... if a child has five dollars to spend at the store and buys an item that costs two dollars, how many dollars will they have left?

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The following subtraction worksheets deal with only the numbers one through ten. Encourage the children to cross out the correct number of objects. This makes the concept of "take away" much more visual. The first math problem on each worksheet has the correct number of objects crossed out, so the kids have an example to follow.

preschool subtraction worksheet
beginning subtraction worksheet
preschool subtraction worksheet

Try using a number line to subtract. Place your finger on the first number in the problem... then simply count down to find the answer.

number line subtraction worksheet
beginning subtraction with number lines worksheet

Let the early readers try a couple of word math worksheets...

preschool subtraction word problems
beginners story problem worksheet

More worksheets for learning subtraction...

preschool subtraction worksheet
preschool subtraction worksheets
preschool subtraction worksheet
basic subtraction worksheet
preschool subtraction worksheet
basic subtraction worksheet

Continue to teach subtraction with everyday objects. "If I have six M&M's and I share three with you, how many do I have left?". Make learning fun, so it doesn't feel like learning, and the children will pick up on the concepts faster. If it is ever clear that your preschooler is not interested in what you are attempting to teach, save it for another day. Children who are having fun learning will learn, while children who are made to feel it is a chore, will learn to dislike anything that feels like learning.

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