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All About Categories

In this section you'll find lots of free printable worksheets for kids. This page is all about categorization. The first step in learning to place items in categories is learning to match. Kids need to learn what goes together before they can understand what does not go together. Once matching has been mastered, they are able to move on to categorization.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Start with finding the matches in the worksheets below. Simply circle the two items that match in each row.

matching worksheet
Find the match worksheet
matching pictures worksheet

The following worksheets are a bit trickier...  each row contains three pictures. Two of the pictures have something in common or "go together". Simply cross out the picture in each row that does not belong with the others.

which one doesn't belong worksheet
what's different worksheet

which one doesn't belong worksheet
classifying worksheet

Another set of worksheets where two items in each row have something in common. Circle the object that does not belong in each row.

categorizing worksheet for preschoolers
learning to categorize worksheet
which one doesn't belong worksheet
preschool category worksheet
what doesn't belong worksheet

Circle the items that go with a fire truck, a farm, the beach, a circus or a baby.

things that go with a firetruck worksheet
things on a farm worksheet
things at the beach worksheet
things at the circus worksheet
things that go with a baby worksheet

What items would go in a backpack, be used for camping, be seen at the circus or the beach? Use the following cut-and-paste activities to place the correct items in each category. Cut out the pictures on the right side of the page. Paste the correct pictures in the boxes provided.

what goes in a backpack cut and paste activity
what goes camping worksheet
what goes with a circus worksheet
what do you see at the beach worksheet

This series asks the kids to draw a line from the picture on the left to the corresponding picture on the right. Match animals and insects to their homes.

match animals to their homes worksheet
match insects to their homes worksheet

Here's some fun cut-and-paste activities to help children understand categories. Cut out the pictures at the bottom of the worksheet. Paste the pictures in one of two categories per page. Try farm or zoo, fruit or vegetable, or winter or summer.

farm or zoo cut and paste activity
fruit or vegetable sorting activity
winter or summer classifying activity

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