Preschool Number Activities

Cut-and-Paste Worksheets for 1-10

Preschool number activities are even more fun when cutting and pasting are involved. Children are then able to practice several skills with one worksheet.

Use safety scissors and pasting to help develop fine motor skills. Choosing objects and placing the correct number on the sheet reinforces counting. The fishbowl worksheet also includes a place to practice writing the number.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Select the number worksheet of your choice. Paste the correct number of marbles inside the jar, OR...

number one worksheet
number two worksheet
number three worksheet
number four worksheet
number five worksheet
number six worksheet
number seven worksheet
number eight worksheet
number nine worksheet

... paste the correct number of fish in the fishbowl. This worksheet includes a space to practice writing the number.

number 1 worksheet
number 2 worksheet
number 3 worksheet
number 4 worksheet
number 5 worksheet
number 6 worksheet
number 7 worksheet
number 8 worksheet
number 9 worksheet
number 10 worksheet

Simple Ways to help teach numbers:

  • Use simple counting cards and have the kids’ place the correct number of objects on the card. Use small blocks, goldfish crackers, marshmallows or anything else you have on hand.
  • Use a bowl or a toy dump truck and see how many blocks you can fit inside.
  • Choose a number and have your child hand you the same number of toy cars, puzzle pieces, etc.
  • Identify numbers on a toy telephone, calculator, street signs,license plates, etc.
  • Write numbers on paper cups or Popsicle sticks and have the kids line them up in order.
  • Read counting books. Your local library should have tons to choose from.

More Number Fun:

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