Math Printables

Preschool Counting & Coloring Fun

Preschool math printables are a fun way to help teach counting. Combining counting with coloring just makes it better.

counting numbers

There are two series of printables below. The first asks the children to find a specified number of objects and color only those objects. The second series presents pictures of fruit and asks, "How Many?".

Both sets of coloring pages will encourage counting and help children to retain this basic skill.

Keep counting in other ways with the kids. There are opportunities every day for counting. The more children are exposed to the concept, the faster they will learn.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Find the correct number of a specified object and color.

Look for and color... fish, butterflies, dinosaurs, things you see outside, farm animals, kitchen items, tools, vegetables and balls. A variety of items to keep learning to count interesting.

count and color fish
count and color butterflies
count and color dinosaurs
count and color outside
count and color farm animals
count and color kitchen items
count and color tools
count and color vegetables
count and color balls

Count the fruit. How many are there?

Easily recognizable pictures of fruit. One fruit per page so the emphasis is on counting.

count and color banana
count and color watermelon
count and color apples
count and color peaches
count and color lemons
count and color pears
how many oranges coloring page
blueberries to count and color
strawberries to count and color

More Number Activities:

Free Addition Worksheets – An assortment of addition sheets to provide practice to help retain math skills.

Free Subtraction Worksheets – Made for preschoolers to help them understand the concept. Cross out objects and count to subtract!

Number Coloring Pages – Numbers zero through ten. Each page features a large number with the features of people. Fun for preschoolers.

Preschool Wall Cards – Number cards with a “bug” theme. Numbers one through ten. Each card features a different bug. Many are easily identifiable by children.

Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pages - Combine basic counting skills with coloring fun. Connect 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 dots to finish the picture.

Preschool Number Worksheets - Fun worksheets for preschoolers. Cut and paste and coloring activities included. Helps reinforce counting skills.

Enjoy all the printables in the numbers and math section. Be sure to check out the rest of the site for lots of fun activities you'll be able to do year-round.

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