Fun Math Activities

Learning to Count

Here's some simple and fun math activities for preschoolers. The counting cards below help teach number recognition and reinforce counting skills already learned.

counting number cards

Simply cut into cards and have your child place the cards in order from one to ten. Choose dogs with bones, snowmen or penguins.

OR... place several of the same type of object on the table (i.e. blocks, coins), then hold up one of the counting cards and have the child count out the same number of objects.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

For added durability, print the cards on card-stock paper and laminate after printing.

Line up the dog and his bone from one to ten...

dog counting flashcards
dog theme counting cards

Or snowmen (a fun winter counting project!)...

snowman theme counting flashcards
snowman theme counting cards

or Penguins!

penguin theme counting cards
counting flashcards with penguin theme

The counting strips below are another way to help teach number recognition and to reinforce counting skills.  Print out the counting strips and have the child count the objects on each strip. It helps when the child is able to see the number that corresponds to the correct number of objects. Once the child can recognize numbers on sight... cut the number off the strip and have the child match up the number with the correct number of objects.

My grandson loves these counting strips of vehicles. (Boys will be boys!)

vehicle theme counting strips
counting match-up with vehicle theme

Here's some counting strips just right for girls...

counting match-up game
counting match up strips

or try counting smiley faces!

smiley face counting strips
counting match up strips

More Fun with Numbers:

Free Subtraction Worksheets – Made for preschoolers to help them understand the concept. Cross out objects and count to subtract!

Number Worksheets – Fun with counting. Many cut and paste activities, which we all know kids love! A few worksheets are number tracing.

Number Coloring Pages – Numbers zero through ten. Each page features a large number with the features of people. Fun for preschoolers.

Preschool Wall Cards – Number cards with a “bug” theme. Numbers one through ten. Each card features a different bug. Many are easily identifiable by children.

Dot-to-Dot Printables - Connect the dots to form a picture and color. Connect the dots from one to five, ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty.

Free Addition Worksheets - An assortment of addition sheets to provide practice to help retain math skills.

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