Free Easter Coloring Pages

Kids will have fun with these free Easter coloring pages. There's no simpler way to plan a quick activity. Bring out the crayons, and let the kids choose the coloring page of their choice. In keeping with the Easter season, here's a selection of preschool coloring pages sure to be a hit at this time of year.

Coloring pages are a simple activity that can help build the foundation for early success. Kids can learn eye-hand coordination, picture comprehension, and color concepts.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

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Easter bunnies are an obvious choice and tend to be the favorite of most children. Here's a few to choose from.

bunny painting easter eggs coloring page
goofy easter bunny delivering eggs coloring page
E is for Easter Eggs coloring page

Want to create more of an art project? Have the children draw a line near the bunnies feet to create the ground they are standing on. Have the children color the ground and the bunnies with crayons. Use a firm touch so the colors are bright. When finished, paint with blue watercolor over the entire picture. You will have created a sky and the crayon colors will appear even brighter.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without the eggs. Use as a simple coloring page or decorate as desired.

easter egg coloring page
baby chick with easter eggs coloring page

Here's a few more Easter coloring pages...

spring lamb and duck coloring page
easter bunnies and chicks coloring page

girl with easter basket coloring page
Bunny with easter egg coloring page
daffy easter bunny coloring page
cute bunny coloring page

Enjoy these free preschool printable coloring pages!  For a sturdier picture, print them out on card-stock paper. Add glitter to the Easter eggs for a sparkly effect. Or... use whatever craft supplies you have on hand for decoration.

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