Valentines Day Games

Valentines Day games provide a fun addition to celebrating the holiday.

We all know that children just don't care about the "romance in the air". They do, however, like holidays for the same reason as adults. Simply because they are not like other days. There's always something special about celebrating a holiday... and Valentine's Day should not be an exception.

Looking for free printable Valentines Day games? Choose a match game, dice game, word-find, Sudoku, tic-tac-toe and more... 

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

While tic-tac-toe is normally played on scratch paper using x's and o's, this game provides holiday fun. Print and laminate the game board. Print the playing pieces and cut on the lines to form ten playing pieces. Each player will have five identical pieces. Take turns placing the cards in one of the spaces on the tic-tac-toe board. First player to have three in a row wins.

valentine tic tac toe game
printable valentines day game

Here's a twist on the game of Sudoku. Normally this game involves numbers, but in this Valentine version, it's all about hearts! There are four colors of hearts. To complete the puzzle, each horizontal and vertical row must have one heart of each color. Simply color the blank hearts the correct color.

To the right, I've provided an answer key.

valentines day sudoku puzzle

valentines day word search

Kids of all ages like word-finds. This is a simple Valentine version with only six words to find.

You'll only find the words horizontally or vertically. No diagonal or backwards words.

valentines day number game for preschoolers

If you have a group, this color-by-number dice game will provide some Valentine fun. Have the kids take turns rolling one die.

They will color one heart with the same number on it, according to the color key. First one to color all the hearts wins!

Valentines Day games wouldn't be complete without match games. Match games are fun for kids and are often one of the first games learned due to their simplicity. Print out the preschool printables below to create a simple match game with a Valentine theme.

valentines day memory match game
valentines match game for preschoolers

This match game requires some thought. The kids will have to count the hearts to see if they have a match. Once the cards have been cut out, make a mark on the blank side of the number cards. Let the kids know they will have to choose one marked card and one blank card in each turn.

valentine theme number match game
valentines day number match game 5-9

This alphabet matching printable game makes a nice file folder game. Print out the two game boards below. Attach to a file folder and laminate, or... laminate and use a manila envelope to keep all the pieces together. Then...

valentines alphabet match game
valentines day alphabet match game

Once you have the game board, you'll need playing pieces. Print out the lowercase letters below and cut on the lines to form cards. Laminate for longer lasting fun.

How to play? Simple place the lowercase letter on top of the matching capital letter. If the correct lowercase letter is placed on the capital, the color of the hearts will match.

valentines letter matching game

What can you do with lots of hearts? Print and cut the hearts into individual cards. Let kids use them to sort by color or size. Or, they can place them in rows biggest to smallest.

valentines printable sorting cards
printable sorting cards for valentines day

More Valentine Fun:

Printable Valentine Cards – Fun cards perfect for preschool card exchanges. Includes card choices for the adults in their lives. Larger cards are blank inside for the children to write their own personalized message.

Valentine Worksheets – Teach patterns, counting, writing numbers, letters and sounds, the concepts of big and small, and scissor skills.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages – Many choices for the kids. Hearts, Cupids and more…

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